Web Designer  

You can give a much trendy and appealing look to your website in just minutes. Professional website designing was never so easy.
Branding is a powerful feature, which lets you build your own brand and also enjoy a contextual branding experience. Just imagine how amazing it will be to change the brands based on the clients who logged into the app or the device in which its opened.
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You can give a charming look to your app now. Without the assistance of a professional designer, Web Designer app can help you to be a creative and artistic designer yourself.

Your App may need a unique look to rightly represent your unique business and brand. Branding components, color and spacing of website, styling of the controls, layout, and placement of the tabs all comes together to determine the beauty and uniqueness of your app. Traditionally, an expert web designer needed to be hired to bring the real charm to your web site.

However, it is not the same anymore. Our Web Designer tool will now allow you to quickly change or add components to your app and help draw out your imaginations in no time, that too without the help of any experts. These designer tools not only help you to build & use it for your App, it offers exceptional personalization capabilities too. Imagine white-labeling your application to display only your brand logo or that of your clients. Imagine displaying the color themes based on the tastes of the users or imagine the web page changes its layout by sensing the logged-in user or the device (mobile, iPADetc). All these made possible with our Web Designer toolkit for you to enjoy optimum level of personalization.