Secure First  

Each User, User groups, Resources are centrally administered. Secure First user interfaces can be integrated with every BizFirst Apps for you to grant/deny/restrict accesses to specific users or groups. Go to product home...

Secure First is an innovative security system, which facilitates comprehensive user authentication and authorization features to Biz First apps.

As far as business operations are concerned, security is one among the most challenging tasks to be administered. Securing the right information at the right hands has always been a challenge. Safeguarding the resources, functionality, data and documents require a well-built safety system backed up by a strong security architecture.Secure First manages users and groups of all Biz First Apps through a centralized system. The users and groups can be custom assigned to Resources or Groups of Resources such as functions, data or documents.Every user component you see on BizFirst applications can be individually secured. Process, Rule, Service and Data components can be secured in this way. App and App Modules can also be secured. All Biz First Apps are protected by an additional layer of security provided by Secure First.