Contacts First  

Contacts First fully eliminates the issues in traditional master data management of customer / employee data.
Notifications, Events and Tasks can be associated with every contact. Each contact in the system can have its own exclusive document management repository. Contacts First also increases user productivity by providing usability features such as Recently Accessed Contacts, My Favorite Contacts, Saved Searches, Post It Notes, Browse Social Sites and Transaction History etc. A Diary can also be attached to every contact to draw notes.
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Contacts First is a feature-rich contact management system, which stores and organizes important information about people and organizations.

A contact management system is meant to keep your contacts organized and easily accessible. Contacts First offers you a set of user interfaces, which enable you to manage all vital contacts in a very simple yet highly effective manner.

Even though the Contacts First app looks like an independent system, it is the integral part of Enterprise First. Contacts First is custom designed over the key principles of Customer Data Management (CDM) and Master Data Management (MDM) practices. It means you are kept free from any confusions or redundant work caused by duplicate customers, doctors, or manufacturers etc., which is a common problem faced by organization due to the lack of a master data maintenance.